Sermon Transcribers
Accurately Handling the Word


  As an additional resource to audio sermons on 
   your church website, transcripts make it possible

  • grow deeper by studying more in-depth and pondering the content of a sermon
  • increase comprehension for visual learners who make up over half of the population
  • transfer a sermon to an e-reader for convenient access
  • enlarge the font size for the visually impaired
  • provide additional resources for the hearing impaired
  • use key-word searches to find answers to spiritual questions
  • translate from written English to other languages
  • e-mail content to friends around the world
  • assist in your manuscript preparations

"I was listening to one of your messages on line and
reading along with it.  I found it very helpful to keep my mind focused.  Then I got to thinking of those in the military who might not be getting good teaching.  The
first one I thought of was my son who does not think
there are any other Christians in his platoon and is really feeling like an alien.  I thought I would print your message out and mail it to him.  They can't receive packages yet, only letters.  I thought this might count as a very long letter!
"                                                                                                                                                              Heidi L.

"One of the many resources we offer through our

website is transcripts of sermons which have been

very valuable.  They are currently being translated

into ten different languages in order to provide churches and individuals around the world with

biblical resources in their own language.  In the translation process, it is essential to have well- produced transcripts.  We are so thankful for the

team at Sermon Transcribers and their assistance in providing accurate and well-executed transcripts."


                                              Pastor & Author, David Platt
                          The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, AL

    About The Transcription Team:
We hand pick our transcribers and proofreaders
    based on:
  • knowledge of Scripture
  • passion to further God's Kingdom through His Word
  • accuracy and attention to details
  • knowledge of the English language--STN is an American-based company with all American-based team members
    Our team includes Bible college graduates,
   pastors' wives, a technical writer, experienced
   administrative assistants and many more gifted

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"I have received tremendous benefits from the Sermon Transcribers team with their prompt and professional services.  This enables me to put world-class messages into the hands of church planters in some of the most unreached countries of the world.  It has been a huge blessing to the indigenous leaders through our church planter training ministry."
[Name withheld due to sensitive nature of this ministry.]


aving a written transcript of the proclaimed message is a great means of reinforcing the preaching of God's Word in the lives of God's people.  Members of our congregation have responded enthusiastically, expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to read the messages they have heard on Sunday mornings.  For those who are not able to attend the worship services, transcripts can keep people connected to the ministry of the Word from their local church.  I am impressed with Sermon Transcribers' attention to detail and thorough grasp of Scripture and am pleased to recommend this service to churches that value the primacy of preaching.

                                                                                                                                                                          David Sunday, Senior Pastor
                                                                                                                                                                           New Covenant Bible Church
                                                                                                                                                                                               St. Charles, IL

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